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We're Abaris Realty and have been providing top notch, expert real estate services to the Washington Metropolitan Area for the last 42 Years. We are a locally based, family owned community management and real estate brokerage with over 42 years of experience expertly supporting our valued clients and communities in the Metropolitan Washington areas. Our focus is local. We don't try to be everything to everyone. But to those we support, we give 100% and the difference is amazing.

42 years ago, our Founder and current CEO Steve Landsman started helping neighbors take better care of their investment properties. He thought about the little things, the details, that made a big difference and proactively worked with clients who became friends. Throughout the vibrant neighborhoods of Washington, DC and the lush sprawling suburbs of Montgomery County, Steve walked the streets and the

Fast forward 42 years and we currently manage over 160 communities of every shape and size all throughout Maryland, DC and Virginia, we Sell and List Residential Real Estate and help individual property Owners find the best tenants, ensure each home is maintained effectively and that investors have a simple and easy way to own investment property.

In this day and age of large, impersonal, disconnected real estate corporations with multiple customer service departments, our hands on and personal approach to everything we do will make you feel right at home.

Our company is one of very few left that employs multiple generations of family members and treats each one like family. The average tenure of our family staff members is 20 years, with many having been with us for 30 years or more. This type of solidarity makes a huge difference in the service and support we provide our clients.

We're passionate about real estate and our local communities. But our favorite part is matching buyers and tenants to the right home and sellers to the right buyers. Here's how that works: If you're buying a home, we'll connect you with the resources you need. If you're selling your home, we'll show you what our marketing can do. If you own an investment property, well help you find the best tenants and maximize your return on investment while removing the typical day to day headaches of being a landlord.

And if you need advice or just want to talk, we'll always be there to pick up the phone.

Laura Bacchus » Director of Real Estate Services, Licensed Realtor, MBA.
Picture of Laura Bacchus
Laura Bacchus has over 17 years experience working with Buyers, Sellers, & Real Estate Investors. Laura is a passionate real estate investor with her own personal portfolio of properties. She excels at property management because of her resourcefulness, experience and focus on treating every home she manages like her own.

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia. With an M.B.A. in Business, Laura solves problems for a living. Skilled at promotion and sales, Laura is very creative and resourceful and goes above and beyond for each and every client. Laura does not stop when it comes to delivering on her promises. Whatever it takes, she makes sure clients are delighted.

Laura is highly skilled at Marketing and Promoting the properties she represents; positioning them to attract the highest number of potential Buyers or Renters. Her passion is working with real estate investors, helping them buy and manage properties and maximize their return on investment through careful tenant selection, creative asset management techniques, value adds and effective cost cutting measures to maximize revenue and maintain the value of their investment for years to come.

Laura is well versed in local and state requirements for Landlords and Investors in both Washington, DC and Maryland and helps clients navigate the frequently complex processes.

Prior to launching the Real Estate Sales Division at Abaris Realty. Inc, Laura founded and managed several of her own companies including a property management and marketing firm.

Fun facts about Laura include:
Formerly an English Teacher in Bangkok, Thailand
Loves green tree frogs
Does her own home renovations
Interests include Real Estate Investing, Traveling, Gardening and her rambunctious 7 year old son Hamden
(301)-468-8919 x147 lbacchus@abarisrealty.com

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